Today’s blog is dedicated to my siblings who mostly end up sharing my kitchen experiments. Love you guys.

I woke up craving pancakes and was disappointed for there was no baking flour the only thing present was oats. Thus most reasonable breakfast was oat porridge however after it was ready discovered I was still craving pancakes!

I got a bit adventuress and thought why not throw in a banana some dried date and eggs and make some healthy oat pancake . Who thinks like that ūüėÖ? Quickly I got all the ingredients in a blender and sprinkled some cinnamon powder, ready to make some yummy healthy pancakes . Wow was I in for a surprise for the first pancake was a flop it was mushy and it looked like something no one would want to eatūüė≥. I come up with yet another bright idea which was add some more oats, ghee,spices, flax seeds and some baking soda and blend them all up and bake some healthy cup cakes instead of wasting the previous mixture.

Embracing the mess 


In life will always have oops so today’s ripple was started by a mess. Majority of us are afraid of making mistakes… Fear however is the wrong attitude. If an oops happens work with it! Embrace that blander and work through it.

I made cupcakes out of oatmeal and a bunch of random items. ¬†Life is a game learn to play and make the rules as you move on. Enjoy it, don’t take it to seriously, adjust to it and make it work for you.

In life mistakes or errors will happen question is how will we navigate them.  We can choose to sulk and be fixated on the error or work with the error; the choice is very personal. If you choose to use it as a learning experience you will enjoy it. However if you choose to condemn self you will get stuck.

Remember there are no mistakes just opportunities for learning .ūüėä



This first blog is dedicated to my four friends who gave me a challenge to share my self with the world through writing and move ¬†away from my comfort zone by facing my own fears. Mercy Musisi a colleague who read my first Facebook notes and encouraged me to pursue creative writing . Jane Njoroge an author of teen books¬† who reminded me each year that I was sitting on talent. ¬†Santina Nyagah a blogger, event planer and a nutritionist; an angel sent to softly nudge me towards realizing this dream by mentoring me. Lastly my dear friend Agnes Kariuki who we would always talk of how we should start blogging..dear my journey has just began I will be waiting for you when you are ready. They are some of the vines that caused this particular ripple …..girls here I go keep watching out for me.

Lets talk about RIPPLES¬†and where the idea originated from. Am a big fun of animations and for today my lesson comes from Pocahontas. ¬†In distress she sought ¬†grandmother willow for direction… and I still remember her wise words and actions.

Ripples have to be triggered .

Grandmother Willow: Now then, there’s something I want to show you. Look.
[dips her vine in the water in which glowing ripples begin to form]
Pocahontas: The ripples.
John Smith: What about them?

So why ripples ? Even John smith was clueless of grandmother willow’s action; which was very deliberate she stirred the water causing ripples,¬† a ripple doesn’t form on it’s own..something has to stir the water”.¬† Ripples of ¬†life is all about how people and situations affect us ; as a result how we react to this stimuli¬† is highly dependent on our personal¬† eye view and attitude towards the situation. If we chose to spread a ripple we chose to live a life of impact. How is this? Well …follow grandmother willow’s conversation with two lovers and see how she threw the ball back at them. She reminded them that the power was within them. That it was up to them to reconcile the two parties. They were significant in the whole equitation of change they wanted. Be the change you want. remember that grandmother willow was very intentional in causing the ripples. We have to be deliberate in causing the change we want.

Note when they got stuck they sought help from grandmother willow. Sometimes we might need the help of others such as a Mentor,  a Spiritual figure, a friend, a family member,a Doctor, a Therapist, or a total stranger to walk with us and inspire us towards gaining insights of which ripple need to be stirred and which vine would be effective for the job. Who is your grandmother willow?

Grandmother Willow: So small at first, then look how they grow. But someone has to start them.

This step is a small one,  I hope it shall stir up several ripples with time. That the write ups shall cause symbiotic interaction which will stir up personal growth and healing.  We are all teachers and students in this walk of life . No one is superior or inferior of the other. We all have something to contribute to this world. Our attitudes towards our experiences will determine what kind of ripples we will spread. No one is insignificant we are all a force to recon with.  I hope to spread ripples of love , healing inspiration and hope. As the saying goes a journey of 1000 miles starts with one step.Which small steps do you need to make today?

John Smith: They’re not gonna listen to us.

I do share similar fears with John Smith. Will I communicate effectively? Will people get my reflections?  There is only one way of knowing this! By facing my fear and daring to write my reflections which means, someone else will know my insights and I will no longer be standing alone with them. What is you self talk when fear knocks at your door?

Grandmother Willow: Young man, sometimes the right path is not the easiest one. Don’t you see? Only when the fighting stops, can you be together.
[Pocahontas smiles]
John Smith: Alright, let’s go talk to your father.

The right path is never easy however its all worth it, every time we overcome our fears we gain courage and experience love. My challenge for all today¬† is …what ripple do you need to stir in your life?

Be the change you want! If you need a grandmother willow to help you go to her. Start some ripples and see how far they spread. See how alive you will feel as you spread and influence others as they in-turn enrich your life with more ripples . Dr. Phil says we¬† choose how we are to experience life …Attitudinal healing states that our attitude towards life determines the quality of the life we live.¬† Cognitive behavioral theory states that healing comes with the realization that we do have choices. Person centered theory states everyone has solutions to their life. As for the Bible it states that each one of us was made for a purpose. This¬† means our PURPOSE is our INFLUENCE¬† and this INFLUENCE is what am referring to as the RIPPLES. Whats holding you back?

Life is an adventure, fear is the obstacle we have to overcome in order to appreciate life.


Facing my fear

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Through my school life¬† was constantly reminded that I had grammatical errors. That¬† reading more books would improve my grammar. I was punished constantly that eventually the fear of writing was become really though it didn’t kill¬† the love I had for literature. This love for literature… was all a fascination with words.,Stories ,poems and plays¬† yet my school life crippled me for it made afraid to write.¬† I would get inspired to write short poems and personal reflections ; although I didn’t have the courage to share it with anyone for I was afraid of criticism.Many times people stop thriving in life for they fear rejection. I have come to terns with criticism is not bad is the attitude one acquire that is crippling.

One would wounder then how did I get through my collage life ūüôā I faced my fears everyday and I made sure I passed my exams with flying colors so that my term paper wouldn’t affect my GPA. My mother would go through my term papers and as assist as much as she could.¬† This blogging journey would be breaking free as I confront a faulty belief that I cannot write. Why the long story then?

This story is meant to enlighten someone who has believed a lie and needs to confront that thought process. Some life experiences brake us and make us start to live a lie due to the faulty beliefs . only when we chose to confront them can we truly be free. WHICH SELF BELIEFS DO YOU NEED TO CONFRONT TODAY?

The worst prison one can be in is the mind. How do you get free from a mental prison?

By Catherine Mbau